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  • What do I need to start?
    An Internet connection and a card for payment. That’s it. You can get setup in less than 10 minutes. Simply sign up here for access. Follow the steps to get your account set up. Deposit funds into your trading account and Trader Q will automatically trade for you 24/7 non-stop.
  • Whats the minimum amount I need to start with?
    Whilst there is no minimum amount to start with, we recommend an initial balance of $500. When trading the crypto market with Trader Q, you are using your money to open & close your trading positions. The more money you have on your account, the more volume for the trading position can be allocated as a trading margin. Trader Q makes on average 5% monthly profit. So you can make an average of 5% monthly from $100 or from $10,000. The choice is yours.
  • Can I withdraw my money at anytime?
    Yes. You can add & withdraw money to/from your account at anytime. Your trading account is your private property and will stay under your full control at all times. Trader Q has no control over your account and can’t initiate any withdrawals or transfers. Trader Q can only trade on your account.
  • What markets does TraderQ trade on?
    Trader trades on BTC/USD only.
  • Can I stop TraderQ at anytime?
    Yes. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.
  • How often does TraderQ Bot trade?
    The Trader Q Bot follows a unique strategy and will only execute a trade when it follows that strategy. There are not set times or quantity of trades. You may find that some months may have multiple trades and you may see some months have no trades. We only follow the plan and make no compromises to the strategy.
  • Do you take any commissions or fees?
    No. Any profit made through TraderQ is solely yours. We only charge a monthly subscription fee.
  • How do I contact TraderQ?
    Use the contact us page or live chat facility.
  • How do I integrate TraderQ bot?
  • What exchange can I use with TraderQ
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